Curious about a career in hospitality? LOKL team members are hired and trained based on a few common values. We all:

• Smile no matter what happens
• Speak our mind by being open, direct and honest
• Keep our word, and don’t give excuses

LOKL is a politics-free, no bullsh*t environment, where you can contribute ideas, discuss issues, and get involved in making decisions. We don’t keep secrets. We will give you all the training and knowledge you need to embark on a successful hospitality career.


Samuel Sabado

It’s now just about work, but also personal growth. LOKL has built my confidence to start my own business in the future. I’ve also become a more patient person.

Swapnil Surendrabhal

LOKL has taught me how to communicate with customers. I love being able to provide total customer satisfaction.

Kua Chee Weng

I learnt about coffee here, and discovered what passion means. The management listens to the team and to what we really want. We discuss and resolve issues together.

Sam Kar Mun

What I love about working here is that we help each other, no matter how busy we get. Since joining LOKL, I wake up early, get to work on time, and have become more responsible.

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