Because we’re proud to be LOCAL – not just to be Malaysian, but also to be part of this historic neighbourhood. Spice merchants, craft shops weaving rattan furniture, and the best capati in town – the Tun HS Lee area has it all, and we’re honoured to be here.

We want LOKL to be a focal point for this decades-old community by providing a spot for everyone to hang out. Ask for insider tips on what to see, do, or even where to eat – and we’ll gladly help out.

Our promise to customers is simple:

1. Your food arrives no later than 20 minutes

2. Your waiter looks you in the eye and smiles

3. Your meal always taste the same

If you’re not getting any of these things, tell us what’s wrong, and your next meal will be on the house. If you’re having a great time, be sure to let us know too. Get in touch with us directly via:

Email: manager@loklcoffee.com

Find out what people think about us here.

Ng Ping Ho
Founding Partner

Ping was a TV director and writer for 15 years before venturing into hospitality. He is also co-founder of BackHome hostel.

Earl Lachica
Head of Kitchen

Earl is a criminology graduate who's also a fantastic cook. He makes sure all your food arrives quickly and tastes delicious.

Cheryl Samad
Founding Partner

Cheryl is an actor, emcee and TV presenter. She comes up with the recipes and makes sure she tastes every dish before it gets on the menu.

Cafe Manager

Agnes is a graphic designer turned barista who decided to venture into F&B. She currently leads the team, ensuring every day is a smooth one at LOKL.

Loo Jia Wen

Everything from our logo, brand identity, T-shirts and picture wall were created by Jia Wen. She is an artist, sometimes graphic designer or potter, and currently practises jewellery making and kirtan music playing.


Miracle Watts

Miracle Watts is a graphic design specialist in wayfinding. LOKL's marquee signage was one of their first projects.


Momage Art

Momage is responsible for the beautiful wooden frames enveloping all our artwork. Momage's handcrafted frames, boxes and furniture are recycled from wood found in an old 1950s latex factory.


Mariko Jesse

Mariko's hand-drawn map always attracts a lot of attention. She specialises in travel, lifestyle and food illustration. Her illustrations have graced magazines, book covers and packaging the world over.


MMN Architects

MMN created BackHome hostel and LOKL’s industrial aesthetic. The firm is focused on socially and environmentally responsible architecture.


Jean Michel Fraisse

Jean Michel has been instrumental in LOKL’s success as a consultant chef and mentor. He has taught us the fundamentals of opening a restaurant, and shared recipes, techniques and invaluable advice over the years.